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Advantages of TPU:
– very elastic and flexible
– virtually odorless
– similar to rubber
– highly abrasion-resistant

Advantages of TPE:
– softer than TPU
– soft-touch surface
One spool with plastic filament out of TPU in Transparent. Its hardness is ~ Shore A 94.

TPU is an elastic, very flexible and soft material that is almost odourless. It is similar to rubber. TPU is resistant to oils and grease and it is very resistant to abrasion. Our TPU contains no plasticizers and is allergy-friendly and non-irritating to the skin. TPU is resistant to hydrolysis and microbes. TPU has an elongation at yield of about 600%. The density of TPU is approximately thirty percent higher than the density of TPE. The layer adhesion of TPU is very good.

We recommend to print soft materials very slow, at 15 – 45 mm / s and at about 210 – 240°C. The printing bed has not to be heated. The object should be cooled. The filament needs to be guided very well between feed wheel and nozzle, so that the filament does not bend.

TPU is best pre-dried. For example, in an oven at about 80°C for 2-4 hours.
Typical applications include drive belts, profiles, shoes or shoe soles, objects with soft touch, such as cell phone cases.  Nominal diameter 1.75mm Material TPU / thermoplastic polyurethane
Colour Transparent Length> 100 meter Weight approx. 750 g (without blank spool) Dimension (reel)outer Ø ~ 200 mm, width ~ 55 mm This filament can be used for 3D Printer and Rapid Prototyper.