TeraRanger One



TeraRanger One is a lightweight, high-performance distance measurement sensor based on infrared Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology.


It is much faster than ultrasound and far smaller and lighter than laser-based systems. Its small size, high performance and low power consumption make it ideal for modern robotic applications, drone operations and automation, whilst its cost-effectiveness also makes it suitable for high volume usage as well as powerful research and DIY applications.

For crosstalk avoidance in multiple robot environments two versions of the sensor are available, type A and type B, which can operate simultaneously without affecting each other’s reading. Sensors A and B performance are very similar. We prefer A for indoor environments and B for outdoor as the latter is more stable in direct sunlight.


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Update Rate

Up to 1000 Hz


0.2 – 14 meters


From 8 Grams

Field of view

3° Approx


  • Principle:  Time-of-Flight
  • Range resolution:  0.5cm
  • Accuracy:  up to ± 4cm in default mode
  • Supply voltage:  12V DC recommended (10-20V DC accepted)
  • Supply current:  50mA average (110mA peak @12V)

Design, Dimensions and Weight:

  • Design Options:  Spider, Box, Frame
  • Size:  35 x 29 x 18mm
  • Weight:  8g to 10g depending on external design


  • Interface 1:  UART, +5V level, up to 115200,8,N,1. (Factory default when shipped)
  • Interface 2:  TWI (I2C compatible) +5V level
  • Connector:  15 pin DF13 (open-ended cable provided)