TeraRanger Hub

The TeraRanger Hub allows you to connect up to eight TeraRanger sensors and obtain rapid distance values from each sensor.

The data is streamed out from a USB or UART port as an array of calibrated distances in millimetres. It is the perfect tool for multi-directional robotics perception, while its low power consumption and small size make it ideal for embedded applications. If you need more than eight sensors, simply stack more TeraRanger hub!

A free graphical user interface is available for download. It provides a clear readout of the distance values being obtained by each TeraRanger sensor and allows you to set certain sensor parameters.


Connect up to 8 sensors 


Crosstalk avoidance


From to 15 Grams

ROS Ready


  • Protection and mounting:  Use with or without the included case. 2 mounting holes for M2.5 screws.
  • Size:  56 x 56 x 14mm (with case)
  • Weight:  15g without the case, 25g with the case 
  • Supply voltage:  12V DC recommended (10-20V accepted)
  • Supply current:  25mA (plus the consumption of each connected TeraRanger sensor) @12V in general environment


  • Eight ports to connect TeraRanger One sensors
  • UART, +3.3V level, 115200,8,N,1 connector: 4 pin Molex Picoblade
  • USB 2.0 (through a Micro-USB port)
  • Expansion:  Can bus +5V level connector: 4 pin Molex Picoblade (firmware under development, please contact us if you are interested in this)