TeraRanger Hub Evo

TeraRanger Hub Evo is a compact and lightweight (13g) board that enables you to connect up to 8 TeraRanger Evo distance sensors and stream distance data in millimeters via a USB interface. Readings from each sensor are synchronized to avoid cross-talk making it super easy to set up ‘plug and play’ custom sensor arrays! It is the ideal solution for selective point cloud creation and rapid prototyping of multi-sensor configurations. In addition, an onboard Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) provides data on the hub’s spatial orientation.


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Build custom sensor arrays

Crosstalk avoidance

Built-in IMU

ROS Ready


  • Size:  50 x 50 x 9mm
  • Supply voltage:  12V DC recommended
  • Supply current:  25mA (plus the consumption of each TeraRanger Evo sensor)

Design, Dimensions and Weight:

  • Dimension: 29x29x22mm (sensor + backboard)
  • Weight: 13g


  • USB 2.0
  1. Connect up to 8 TeraRanger Distance Sensors



2.  Optical Sensor Module



3.  Backboard for Power and Communications





4.  Prototype Multi-Sensor configurations in no time