TeraRanger Distance OSD

This on-screen display for TeraRanger One shows distance values from up to eight sensors directly on your controller screen at the same time as your live video feed.

A graphical user interface allows you to choose where on your screen to display the values, allowing you to place the data according to your choice and other OSD data that you may already be displaying. You can also set-up off-set distances and threshold distances. When a threshold distance is breached the distance data for that sensor will display in a flashing mode until the threshold has been re-established. This visual warning system is perfect for precision drone flight in close proximity to obstacles and for complex landings.

Supports NTSC and PAL video formats, with analog video in and out. Dimensions: 56 x 56 x 14mm. Weight: 25g with case, 15g without case.

NB: The video has been made using three TeraRanger One “Type B”  sensor showing a 14m range in outdoor conditions.

Connect up to 8 sensors

Crosstalk avoidance


From 15 Grams

Drone inspection

Alarm to close obstables


  • Supply voltage:  10­-20V DC (10-15V advised)
  • Supply current:  60mA (+40mA*number of connected TeraRanger One sensors) @12V in general environment, 130mA worse case situations

Design, Dimensions and Weight:

  • Design Options:  Use with or without the included case. 2 mounting holes for M2.5 screws.
  • Size:  56 x 56 x 14mm (with case)
  • Weight:  15g without the case, 25g with the case


  • Eight TeraRanger One ports to connect up to eight sensors
  • Micro-USB (2.0) for firmware updates and product configuration