HP 3D Scan Pro v5 Upgrade


360° Scanning

In order to obtain an all-around scan of your object, you simply create single scans from different directions; the HP 3D Scanner software is able to align and fuse the scans to a textured 360-degree-model. Of course the most comfortable way is using our HP 3D automatic turntable, plus manually you can add scan views from the top or bottom side.

The surface data can be exported to the well-known file formats .OBJ, .STL, and .PLY. This allows you to import them in 3rd-party software for further processing, e.g. measurement, milling or 3d printing.

HP 3D Pro v5 not only offers dual camera support now, it also contains the following:

• Scanning: Stereo mode and Extended View mode
• Scanning: Improved precision and speed
• Scanning: New patented SL patterns for better scanning of reflective surfaces
• Alignment: Detect Surface Features to help align objects that have large regular surfaces
• Measurement: HP 3D Pro v5 includes Measurement and Mesh Comparison functions from HP 3D  Pro v4 Enterprise.

Ease of Use

• Hardware Setup: Auto-selection of camera and projector
• Hardware Setup: Camera preview images with exposure evaluation (red blocks)
• Scanning: Scan Sequences, AutoNextScan: simplified scanning and alignment when using no turntable

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