Inspection Drone Kit

The TeraRanger Inspection Drone Kit utilises the small, lightweight (8g) and high performance TeraRanger One distance sensor/s and a small electronics board to interface to the live analogue video feed.Drone pilots benefit from fast distance- to-target data being streamed to their live video feed to assist with complex flights in close proximity to potential obstacles and hazards.

Two kits are available, one with a single sensor and the other with three sensors but the solution can support up to 8 sensors, simultaneously monitoring different directions. Benefit from enhanced safety and productivity when flying in close proximity to structures and hazards with the TeraRanger Inspection Drone kit. The kit contains:

  • Either 1 or 3 TeraRanger One Type B sensors
  • 1 TeraRanger Distance OSD board
  • Sensor to OSD cables (50cm long)
  • Cables for power and data transfer

Want to monitor more axis? Simply add more TeraRanger Type B sensors to your order. See the demo video with 3 axis being monitored.


Update Rate

Up to 50 Hz


0 – 2 meters


From 8 Grams


Field of view

20° Approx

A graphical user interface allows you to choose where on your screen to display the values, allowing you to place the data according to your choice and other OSD data that you may already be displaying. You can also set-up off-set distances and threshold distances. When a threshold distance is breached the distance data for that sensor will display in a flashing mode until the threshold has been re-established. This visual warning system is perfect for precision drone flight in close proximity to obstacles and for complex landings.