If your school is looking for an interesting and innovative way to stimulate interest in STEM, this 3D work-shop is designed with you in mind, particularly if you or your students are fascinated by the world of 3D design and 3D print.

This is an interactive session which will show your pupils how 3D technologies fit into today’s modern world.
The aim of this workshop is to bring vocational context into the classroom by developing resources which stimulate an interest in Science and the STEM subjects.

We offer a full day workshop, tailored to your timetable and school’s individual requirements; all resources apart from computers are supplied by IT IS 3D.

Please contact us now to discuss how IT IS 3D can fully engage your pupils; as well as motivating them within education, we explore with them the future impact of 3D printing in a large number of different sectors, and explain both how the technology will affect their lives, and also point out the many different future career opportunities this technology offers.

Morning Session
During the morning session all pupils will fully engaged in practical, ‘hands-on’ 3D designing activities; they will learn how to design in 3D, and will start preparing 3D designs which can subsequently be printed. Additionally, the pupils will be given a project to work on in teams which will lead to a 3D design output.

There will be a PowerPoint presentation about the technology, its development, past, current and future applications and the impact this technology will have on society, as well as outlining career opportunities, many of which do not yet exist, but will become available after they have finished education.

Afternoon Session
During the afternoon session, all teams will present their project outcomes.
Once the presentations are completed, teams will generate a 3D model which forms part of the project and this will be prepared for printing.

As 3D printing is not an instant technology, the best models, which are selected for printing, will be completed and sent to the school after the event.
3D printers will be running all day, so pupils will fully understand how the technology works.

There will also be 3D scanning for pupils to experience, broadening their understanding of the range of technologies available to the designer / maker and to the professional engineer.