3D Services

3D Workshops

We offer a full day workshop, tailored to your timetable and school’s individual requirements; all resources apart from computers are supplied by IT IS 3D.  3D printing is classified as a “disruptive technology”.  It is one of a dozen technologies which, according to McKinsey, will be worth over$1 trillion by 2025.  As such, it offers immense future opportunities to those still in education, while also threatening to disrupt many current career opportunities.

Students need to learn how to use 3D printing, how to design for 3d pinting, how to 3d scan; equally, they need to understand the technology, its capabilities and its potential impact.  Both are provided in a seminal all day 3d workshop provided by IT IS 3D.



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3D Presentations and Talks

Whether you are a teacher, a parent, a student or an employer, you will be affected by technological change.  This is too important a subject to ignore.  We can help.

McKinsey identified a dozen disruptive technologies, each of which they estimated would be worth over $1 trillion by 2025.  We explore this disruption and its impact on the world.

Equally, we can provide a presentation or talk specific to the world of 3D design and 3D printing.

We explore the technology, its development, about past, current and future applications, and the impact this technology will have on a wide variety of different industries as well as on society in general, coupled with specific tailored analysis of its potential impact on you and your specific industry or interest. This gives your organisation an opportunity to investigate 3D printing while there is still time, and to begin to prepare a strategy to exploit its benefits, to disrupt rather than to be disrupted.

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3D Design

3D Design Services

3D printers are of no use without a 3D CAD design needing printing. There are a number of 3D CAD programmes on the market, all of which can output an .stl file, which is the current standard file for all 3d printers.

At IT IS 3D, we do not sell 3D CAD packages; there are plenty of others who do that. We just help you choose the best solution for your needs.  Alternatively, we can also provide a 3D design service to convert your ideas/photos into printable stl files.

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3D CAD Online Training

IT IS 3D’s online cloud-based video training packages enable all those who want to design in 3D the opportunity to learn, wherever they are, and in their own time, how to use some seminal 3D CAD software packages.

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3D On-line CAD training