DAVID 3D Enterprise SDK


Our most powerful software package is the DAVID 4 ENTERPRISE version. Beside the well known DAVID features, it offers you several measurement tools to make quality inspections.

To automate those features, a main part of this version is the DAVID SDK (Software Development Kit). It allows you to include DAVID in your own hardware / software environment. You can automate the scanning and analysis process, or wrap it into your own graphical user interface.

Multiple scanners and client software can be distributed over various computers and operating systems, communicating via Ethernet or over the internet.

SDK Diagram

The DAVID4 SDK allows you to write your own software programs that remotely control DAVID4 servers. Therefore, your own program is a client sending requests to a DAVID4 server. This concept is illustrated in this figure:

The DAVID SDK is developed and tested using Microsoft Visual Studio 2012. But it should compile under other modern C++ compilers as well.

Minimum requirements
C++11 compiler (only a subset of features required)
Windows XP or higher, if you want to use our C++ API (network code)
DAVID4 server needs a DAVID4 Enterprise License, otherwise some functions (getting binary data, exporting to files) will be limited

Visual Studio 2012 or higher (the free “Express for Windows Desktop” version should suffice) Windows 7 or higher (64 bit)

Structured light scanning
Laser scanning
Color texturing
Supports any projector / camera hardware
Automated scan alignment
TT-1 turntable support
Scan-background filter
Volume / surface area computation
360° scan fusion
OBJ / STL export
Mesh comparison
Point-to-point measurement