Focus 3D Printer

The multi-material portable 3D printer that translates your creative ideas into products which can be printed in all kinds of materials.

Features & Func100% Bronzetions:

Print materials

This 3D printer  prints  usual  filaments like PLA, ABS, Woodfill, Nylon, 100% Bronze, Biorubber etc. It also prints paste materials like Ceramic, Silicon and food materials, even high quality Chocolate.

Portable & Foldable

Light, compact and foldable: easy to transport, safe and dust-free  storage within the suitcase.  On opening, you can start printing within 2 minutes.

Interchangeable extruders

Easily exchangeable extruders through magnetic click-on system. Printer automatically recognises and adapts its settings to the new printhead.  No technical expertise required.  When new types of extruders are developed in the future, software updates will allow the integration of these new extruders.

Unique design

Just as PCs have been replaced by laptops now bulky 3D printers will be replaced  by this sleek 3D printer in a suitcase. Cool retro design, white case with a comfortable leather handle to take it anywhere you want.

No calibration required

Save time and frustration. High quality fixed print bed, so no need for calibration. When using the paste extruder, it automatically calibrates the distance between nozzle and print bed.

Ease of use

Easy to use full-colour touch screen interface

Stand-alone printing from internal memory

WiFi: wireless connection with web browser on your PC or laptop (enables easy software upgrade)

High quality industrial parts used, such as linear rail guides and  lightweight aluminium frame

We use open source software Slic3r with custom settings.  All updates will be free to install and can be changed to your preferences

Special feature – interchangeable heads

Filament extruder without the use of a spring loaded filament drive. So it never needs adjusting.

Filament cartridges that can be refilled with standard rolls of filament. Prevents faulty filament unwinding. Allows dust free storage (most frequent cause of extruder blockage).

Exchangeable extruders filament and paste extruder now available and more coming soon.

Focus by flow 3D Printer
3D Chocolate printing