HP 3D Scan Software – Professional Edition v5

In addition to all of the technologies included in Professional Edition v4, v5 offers dual camera support as well as incremental product enhancements. Features: • Stereo mode and Extended View mode • Improved precision and speed • New patented SL patterns for better scanning of reflective surfaces • Detect Surface Features to help align objects that have large regular surfaces • Measurement and Mesh Comparison functions from Enterprise Edition v4 • Additional ease of use features: Auto-selection of camera and projector, Camera preview images with exposure evaluation (red blocks), Simplified scanning and alignment when using without a turntable.

HP 3D Scan Software – Professional Edition v5 Upgrade

The Professional Edition v5 Upgrade allows you to upgrade from the previous HP 3D Scan Software v4, enabling you to leverage the latest features.

HP 3D Scan Software – Professional Edition v4

Transform objects into high resolution 3D models

Intuitive, high-precision proprietary software that automatically creates 3D models.

• Intuitively create 3D models:
Scan objects to produce accurate 3D models with a user-friendly software   interface

• Incredibly precise output:
Capture the physical attributes of an object to deliver precise, high-res 3D   models

• Seamlessly fuse scans:
Automatically align and merge multiple scans to create a 360° watertight 3D   model

HP 3D Scan Software – Enterprise Edition v4

Like the Professional Edition, but also includes features for industrial use: Measurements, Mesh Comparison, SDK support Features, in addition to the Professional Edition: Quality inspection allowing for comparison to a 3D reference model, providing variances either color-coded in 3D or given as signed distance values for user selected surface points Length measurements to show metric distance between point pairs on scans.

The SDK software is developed and tested using Microsoft Visual Studio 2012. But it should compile under other modern C++ compilers as well.

Minimum requirements
C++11 compiler (only a subset of features required)
Windows XP or higher, if you want to use our C++ API (network code)
Davidserver needs a DAVID4 Enterprise License, otherwise some functions (getting binary data, exporting to files) will be limited

Visual Studio 2012 or higher (the free “Express for Windows Desktop” version should suffice) Windows 7 or higher (64 bit)

Structured light scanning
Laser scanning
Color texturing
Supports any projector / camera hardware
Automated scan alignment
TT-1 turntable support
Scan-background filter
Volume / surface area computation
360° scan fusion
OBJ / STL export
Mesh comparison
Point-to-point measurement