Technology and disruption of the future

The need The rate of technological change is faster now than it has ever been in the past. In the future, the rate of change will be much faster than it is today. Our education system is struggling to keep pace with this change, with two key results: Pupils are not...
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2017 sees the arrival of affordable, practical and infinitely variable robot arms.

The Dobot is robot arm designed for practical use both in education and in industry. It takes seconds to change from one application to another, applications which include: • Painting • Drawing • Laser engraving • Pick and place • 3D printing It is easy to design and...
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3D scanning for capturing 3D data of dental moulds

One problem shared by many dentists is the need to hold onto and store large numbers of dental moulds. This takes up space and costs you money. There is now a way of getting rid of all your moulds without losing the information. You use a 3D scanner to capture all...
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3D Pens

IT IS 3D introduces new 3D pens – the 3Pen-A and 3Pen-B.  These pens allow you to create objects faster. Equipped with an LCD or OLED screen, temperature and speed status are easy to check. We used ergonomic design both for the contour of the pen and for the buttons....
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Free up space and reduce costs – 3D scan your moulds

Free up space and reduce costs - 3D scan your moulds Some practices keep all their dental moulds, sometimes for years. These gypsum casts take up a lot of space, and this can be costly. IT IS 3D offers a 3D scanning service, whereby you can retain a virtual electronic...
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3D printing in China – ahead or behind

Many of the lower cost 3D printers are designed and made in China? That seems to be correct. So therefore the Chinese public in general and school kids in particular will be well versed in 3D printing, and more knowledgeable than youngsters in Europe? That’s what we...
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3D printer for multi-purpose printing

School departments are not usually limited to one application; they have a need for equipment which can meet a number of different requirements, for a number of different projects or areas of activity. Most 3D printers are limited in this area. 3D printing is not...
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Exceptional 3D scanning equipment

Users of 3D scanning equipment are not usually limited to one application; they have a need for scanners which can meet a number of different requirements, for a number of different projects or, in FE, for different areas of research. Most 3D scanners are limited in...
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Food Ink – the world’s first pop up 3D printing restaurant

This week has seen Food Ink, with the help of one of our 3D printers, launching a 3 day event in Shoreditch, a trendy area of East London. This event was a world first; London, even after Brexit, is still the centre of the world! 10 diners each evening paid to be part of this revolutionary experience. They sat on 3D printed stools. They sat at 3D printed tables. They used 3D printed cutlery. They also used VR goggles for one course (the goggles were not 3D printed – just part of the experience). Most importantly, the food was 3D printed. By world class chefs. Brought in from Spain. We were only there during the day, to see what was going on, how it was all done, admire the space and the set up, and of course to keep our By Flow 3D food printer company. It is called Focus.

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Why IT IS 3D?

The one constant in our lives is change. But even change is changing. The rate of change is accelerating as new technologies are developed, many of which operate in conjunction with one another, underpinned by access to the internet, and developments in such areas as artificial intelligence and deep data.

IT IS 3D presents the impact of technology change in the form of workshops, talks and seminars, to enable organisations and individuals to understand their impact and plan accordingly. These events are tailored to the specific needs of each organisation, and depend on IT IS 3D’s profound understanding of disruptive technologies, usually aimed at corporates at schools and at colleges.

Events have been held across the UK, in France, India and China.

As well as workshops, IT IS 3D also offers bureau services in 3D printing, 3D designing and 3D scanning, and offers various 3D products, as well as robotic items for sale.

Why purchase from us?

With contacts around the world, IT IS 3D has sourced and chosen a small range of excellent products in 3D technologies and robotics. Developed both for educational and corporate usage, the products offer value for money, productivity and reliability.

IT IS 3D offers you training on site, to ensure that you have full understanding of the products you have purchased. A sale is not the end of the story; we are there for you to ensure that you obtain maximum benefit from your purchase; we are always available at the end of the phone line or email to help you, whether you are delivering a  class or developing a new product.

Why use our workshops?

Why use our workshops?

The rate of change of technology is now so great that it is difficult to keep up to date with what is happening, never mind understand what the impact might be on your organisation, your employees, your pupils, or your students.

At IT IS 3D, we bring this information to you, and structure it such that you can assimilate the changes, and start to understand what the effects might mean in your particular case.

In corporations:
What are the technological changes that might impact your business?
What disruptive effects do you need to take into account?
How do you begin to plan for a future where you can be the disruptor rather than the disrupted?
We help organisations to understand the potential impact of disruptive change, and how to think about preparing for a future within which their business will inevitably be affected sooner or later.

In schools and colleges:
Students need to be aware of the way the world is changing. The job opportunities available to them today will not be the same as those awaiting them in their future.
They need to be taught the skills and technologies which will bring them the maximum opportunity for successful and enjoyable careers, while avoiding the traps that technological change will bring.
We present the students and their educators with information and stories about the way the world is changing, and how to adapt both teaching and IAG (careers’ advice) to give their students a great start in choosing and developing their future.

Some Clients

This is what some of our clients say:


“Martin and Trupti provided excellent workshops for our students which showcased the amazing impact of 3D printing technology. Our students were really stimulated by the broader technology context and the hands-on sessions. It was also great to see the machines in operation to appreciate how they work. “Just today one of my students approached me about setting up a 3D printing project inspired by Martin’s talk.

“We look forward to working with Martin and Trupti in the future.”

Tom Fogdon

Principal, Ada College



“It has given me big insight into future possibilities…I am now thinking about innovation and entrepreneurship…as well as the ethical issues that future technology brings…I was very impressed by the wealth of knowledge that Martin and Trupti presented on 3D printing and disruptive technology”.

Ada College student



Call us for more information 020 8202 8743 or email